The true medicare plan was comprised of only Parts A and B. Later, the “advantage” plans of Parts C and D were added, and with a higher cost. Parts C and D had to be created because parts A and B did not pay for everything as in Medicare supplement Plans 2019.


Medicare has created Medicare supplement plans; located at ensure that all costs can be paid and it is a type of private insurance. Most of the costs these plans cover are deductibles and co-payments that can add up very quickly for seniors on fixed incomes. The supplement plans have been termed “Medigap” because the plans were created to cover the “gaps” in costs for procedures that are not always included in Medicare. Medicare supplement insurance is standardized and regulated by the U.S. government. You can obtain a supplement plan through insurance companies and you must choose which insurance company you want by the price of their supplement plan. This is true because each plan covers the same things-no matter what insurance company you receive it through.

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Medigap insurance is regulated by the Federal government and insurance companies must also follow state laws. Due to different laws, the plans can vary slightly state by state. To add to the complexity of Medicare, there are 12 different types of standardized Medicare supplement insurance. They are designated letters of A through L, so it can take a great amount of time to figure out which supplement plan fits your needs.


Sadly, many Americans do not receive health insurance. This dilemma is often due to high insurance rates and prolonged, or even small, illnesses that can clean out an under-insured person’s savings. This results in medical bills that may never be paid off. The key is to have a plan in these situations. Even with the outrageous healthcare costs in this country, it is vital to plan properly if you were to need medical attention. Due to the fact that medical needs may come up suddenly, it is recommended that you obtain Medicare supplemental insurance.


The services one may get from a Medicare are the doctor costs and extra charges (part B), hospital costs (part A), at home recovery, emergencies in foreign travel, costs of skilled nursing home, blood bank services, prescribed medication costs and for the costs of preventive care. It’s wise to understand and shop the best Medicare Supplement plan according to the need.