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Cornelius Gurlitt

Criticism of the discriminatory treatment of Cornelius Gurlitt; information website on the debate around the Gurlitt collection:

Munich, February 17, 2014: "In Germany there are many public and private collections that contain a much higher proportion of potentially stolen art than the Gurlitt collection, but no one appears to be imposing any sanctions on these collections or the gallery directors responsible for them," complained Dr. Hannes Hartung, the attorney representing Cornelius Gurlitt in matters concerning art. "We are currently negotiating with six claimants, which constitutes 3 percent of the Schwabing portion of the collection. These are the only ones who have contacted us so far," explained Dr. Hartung.

Information website on the debate around the Gurlitt collection:

The Gurlitt collection has been the subject of much controversy and of often heated debate in recent months, and this is hardly surprising when one considers the legal, political, and moral aspects involved.

Far from trying to discourage or even prevent these discussions, Cornelius Gurlitt's preliminary custodian, legal team, and spokesperson are keen to add a note of objectivity to future debates around the Gurlitt collection. They have therefore set up, an information offering that is regularly supplemented and updated.

"This information website reiterates our willingness to engage in a dialog with both the general public and any claimants," stressed Stephan Holzinger, the spokesperson for Cornelius Gurlitt.

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